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Love Grain has reinvented breakfast into a multi-grain and guilt-free experience.  Start your day with delicious pancakes, waffles, muffins, scones, or your favorite baked good--all from this versatile spin on a gluten-free breakfast mix.   

Our breakfast mix is based on TEFF, an ancient grain from Ethiopia that is naturally gluten-free and high in protein, fiber, calcium, and iron.  The tiniest grain in the world, teff packs a serious nutritional punch with every bite.  

Each package contains two cups of mix, making a dozen muffins or 12-15 pancakes.  

Love Grain's Breakfast Mix is high in protein, fiber, and iron--setting you up well for your day, every day! 


How Love Grain stacks up to other Breakfast Mixes.


All shipments will be made via USPS Priority Mail.  Shipping is $4.50. 


Customer Reviews: 

“Love Grain pancakes have great crunch, texture, and taste. Unlike wheat pancakes that dissolve into a puddle of starch in my mouth, each Love Grain bite was flavorful and satisfying.”

"Follow the simple recipe on the package to a T and you will be rewarded with scrumptious pancakes or waffles that are uncharacteristically moist for a gluten free option. Fantastic product!"

“So fluffy and I couldn't tell it was gluten free!”